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Project Description Last Change
1. Work (deep-learning)
agtree2dot.git A pytorch function to generate a dot file... 3 years ago
dagnn.git A nn.Container to implement an arbitrary... 4 years ago
dyncnn.git A residual network to predict 2d dynamics. 17 months ago
flatland.git A 2d physics simulator for pytorch. 4 years ago
profiler-torch.git A very primitive profiler for torch. 4 years ago
pysvrt.git A pytorch wrapper for the Synthetic Visual... 17 months ago
pytorch.git Random pieces of PyTorch. 5 months ago
tex.git LaTeX snippets. 2 days ago
2. Work (misc)
clueless-kmeans.git A supervised variant of E-M to generate clust... 17 months ago
cmim.git The reference implementation of the Condition... 8 years ago
data-tool.git A command-line application to do basic statis... 7 years ago
folded-ctf.git The reference implementation of the folded... 8 years ago
mlp.git A simple implementation of a multi-layer... 8 years ago
mtp.git A variant of KSP for multi-target tracking. 17 months ago
pom.git The Probabilistic Occupancy Map. 12 years ago
svrt.git The Synthetic Visual Reasoning Test. 6 months ago
3. Linux
breezed.git A simple fan-control daemon. 2 years ago
dus.git A command line utility to list files and... 3 years ago
finddup.git A command line utility to find identical... 3 years ago
mymail.git mbox indexer for efficient mail extraction. 3 years ago
selector.git A real-time interactive pattern matcher in... 2 years ago
xacpi.git An updated version of xapm. 11 years ago
xremote.git A simple bash script to send a local script... 15 months ago
4. Shell/emacs scripts
elisp.git My emacs.el and a few utilities for emacs... 22 months ago
python.git Random pieces of Python. 19 months ago
scripts.git A few bash scripts. 2 months ago
5. Old stuff
crosswords.git A crossword java applet. 9 months ago
distort.git A simple tool to enhance QuickCam images. 8 years ago
ircml.git An irc client written in caml. 10 years ago
mappings.git A C++ class to manipulate analytical expressions. 8 years ago
petittracer.git A primitive ray-tracer written in Modula... 9 months ago
simple-window.git A very simple X11-based window class. 11 years ago
tropbot.git An IRC bot written in C++. Version 2.6.3a... 8 years ago
turmites.git A genetic simulation of cellular automatons... 9 months ago