I do not have funded open positions at the moment.

Please use this online form for applying or inquiring about future openings. For the latter, indicate in the comment field why you are interested in my research group, and if you have a funding.

Since I get a very large number of requests and applications it is unfortunately impossible to answer to them all. When I do have open positions, I advertise them on Twitter, the connectionists mailing list, the Machine Learning News Google Group, and my web page.

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Founded in 1559, the University of Geneva is the third largest university in Switzerland by number of students, and ranked third according to the Shanghai Ranking of World Universities 2020.

The city of Geneva is centrally located in Europe, host of numerous international organizations (e.g. UN, WHO, WIPO, WTO, ICRC, CERN), and provides an ideal environment for foreign students and researchers. Switzerland is regularly ranked among the countries with the best quality of life.