I have no open position at the moment.

Some remarks regarding applications

I get a very large number of requests and applications for internships, PhDs, and post-docs, and it is unfortunately impossible to answer to them all.

When I do have open positions, I advertise them on the connectionists mailing list and the Machine Learning News Google Group, and they appear on my web page, and on Idiap's on-line interface. Any formal application must be done through it.

If you want information regarding future openings, please send me a short email—less than ten lines—stating: what schools and universities you attended or attend, why you are interested in my research group, what time period you are interested in, and if you would already have funding.

I prefer by far conciseness and precision to verbosity and deference. The worst you can do is to send me a wall of text that you use to carpet-bomb dozens of potential places.