You can get slides and recordings of some of my talks.


The software I distribute is available on my git repository.


You can download here various materials from my courses. Feel free to re-use them or to contact me for additional information.

Unige 14x050: Deep Learning

You can get the slides, recordings and virtual machine for the deep-learning courses 14x050 of the University of Geneva (previously EE-559 at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne).

Unige 11x001: Introduction à la programmation des algorithmes

You can get the slides for my part of the programming introductory course 11x001 (in French) that Frédérique Lisacek and I are giving at the University of Geneva.

C++ programming

You can get an unpolished draft in poor English of the 277 pages of lecture notes for a C++ course I gave at University of Chicago in 2001.