Added the -h option to force the remote host
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2018-07-04 Francois FleuretAdded the -h option to force the remote host
2018-04-03 Francois FleuretTypo.
2017-12-30 Francois FleuretNow passes the arguments to the other side.
2017-10-03 Francois FleuretRemoved -o pipefail.
2017-09-27 Francois FleuretImproved the feed-back.
2017-09-17 Francois FleuretMinor update.
2017-09-14 Francois FleuretCosmetics.
2017-07-13 Francois FleuretMinor fix.
2017-06-30 Francois FleuretCosmetics.
2017-06-06 Francois FleuretAdded @XREMOTE_EXEC.
2017-05-28 Francois FleuretUse the environment variable XREMOTE_HOST as default.
2017-05-27 Francois FleuretInitial commit